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At Sell In-Store, it’s our aim to remove the stress and fear from your online selling experience. For a fixed reasonable rent per item, you can display your goods in our showroom, not in your home.

You list your items for sale as you normally would, online or print media, but they are stored and displayed in our showroom.  If a potential buyer wishes to view the item, they can do so in our showroom, rather than calling to your home.  

If you sell your item online and have received payment, great, just let us know and we will release the item to the buyer when they call to the showroom.

If you would prefer to meet a potential buyer in person and complete a cash transaction, no problem, go ahead and arrange to meet in our showroom and you can complete the deal here during normal business hours.

Are you currently using or merely thinking of using an online selling platform (e.g. Ebay, Done Deal, Adverts, Facebook etc.) to sell your excess good quality household furnishings, collectables, art, jewellery or even no longer wanted gifts?

Are your dreams of enjoying an uncluttered home or having money for that holiday or home renovation outweighed by your concerns associated with strangers at your door as part of the selling process?

Then what we are offering could be just what you need!

We are open 5 days a week for your customers' convenience to view & inspect your items.

 Let us display and show your goods so you can get on with your life!