Why Use Us?

Peace Of Mind


  • You as a seller need no longer be concerned about who may be visiting your home to view or purchase your items.  Buyers view items and collect purchases from our showroom, not from your home.
  • All items displayed in our showroom or in our walled-in yard are covered by insurance.
  • All small valuable items (e.g. jewellery & collectables) will be displayed in locked cabinets.
  • Our experienced sellers will show your items to both walk-in and online customers.
  • Items will only be released to buyers when proof of payment has been established.
  • You may continue to use whatever on-line selling platform with which you are most comfortable.

Fast Payment


  • The purchaser pays you the seller directly through whatever means you specify. 
  • No commission is charged on sold items. The seller keeps the full price agreed upon with their customer.

Get on with your life


  • Immediately reclaim that space in your home. 
  • We display so you can play!